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The Patriot Cinema & Performing Arts at The War Memorial is a truly special place for amusement and inspiration. A place for feature films and live performances. A place for influential speakers and community presentations. A place for everyone from everywhere.

Parking and traffic study


On March 27, 2017, a meeting was held with a select group of city residents and the Grosse Pointe Farms City Administration to discuss various ideas and concerns. The meeting was quite lively and many issues (real and perceived) were discussed that provided the framework for a parking and traffic study.

Objectives of this study

Prepare an existing condition diagram, as necessary, to present the traffic and parking- related issues.

Perform parking utilization and access-related studies.

Analyze the parking and access data to identify any issues and concerns related to the use of The War Memorial facility.

Prepare a report to present the study conclusions and recommendations, if any.

Download the parking and traffic study report